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Photographs - America x Reader

You and Alfred were close. He made you feel happy even in the worst of times. His smile was contagious and fun seemed to follow him everywhere.

You were in love with his country, and would frequently visit at particular parts of the year, running around with a camera and taking silly photos. Each one held important memories that you fondly looked back on.

Often during winter he would invite you to stay in the north with him. You would bundle up for the cold weather, packing on your snow boots and heavy coats. You would snuggle up together by the fire, sipping your hot coco slowly, trying not to burn your tongue. He would throw snowballs at you, which frequently ended with you being the victor of the fight. Together you built impressive snowmen and forts, which somehow always ended up always being crushed.

In the summer you would visit the south where it was particularly hot, peeling off your winter clothes and slipping into bathing suits and tank tops. There were always late night bonfires and beach days. Sometimes Alfred would stay too long in the sun without sunscreen and would burn badly, leaving you to rub aloe on his back. You would wander around with him on the boardwalks, linking arms, licking on ice cream cones, and chatting. Sometimes he would jump into the back of tourist’s photos and make funny faces which made your sides hurt from laughter.

In the spring and fall you would go to the Midwest, where you watched the leaves fall and grow again. You would sit underneath the blossoming trees, eating small sandwiches he prepared earlier that day, talking about both of your troubles with your head resting on his shoulder. Sometimes you blew bubbles, enacting a game in which Alfred tried to squash each of them before they reached the ground. He looked ridiculous, but it always made you grin.

Without fail for each of those moments there was a photograph which you kept neatly stacked in a large box, labeled with the dates. You rummaged through it, pulling out certain ones and looking over them, only to put them back in their proper place.

It had been a while since you two had actually done something together. It made you frown, but the sound of glass shattering cleared your thoughts. You immediately dropped the photos and rushed to the noise, finding Alfred leaning over to pick up the remnants of what seemed to be a snowglobe.

He stood up straight and flashed you his signature goofy grin, hands dripping from the water, holding large shards of glass. He wore a blue and white striped shirt, jeans, and red high-tops. A seemingly ancient Polaroid camera hung from his neck.

You had expected him to come, but not this quick and not without knocking. He had called you earlier that day telling you he was going to visit and that he missed you. Of course you had agreed, knowing he was prone to these spur of the moment decisions, and you headed off into your closet to pull out the past that you both shared. He must have snuck in with the key you kept hidden outside while you reminisced, and being as clumsy as he was, ruined a gift he presumably brought for you.

“I accidently broke it,” he apologized. “It was one of those wind-up ones that plays a tune. I wanted to surprise you.”

You rolled your eyes and walked off to find a trash can. After the mess was picked up he followed you into the living room, where the photographs were scattered about. His face light up and he sat cross legged next to the box, dumping out all the contents onto the floor.

“Hey! What do you think you’re doing?!” You shouted, running over to try and stop him. Enraged, you grabbed a handful of the images and threw them at him. Instantly, a light flashed in your face which made you rub your eyes in a daze. You looked at him as he flapped a photo around in the air, waiting for the picture to appear.

“Why did you do that!?”

He drew a sharpie from his pocket, pulled the cap off with his mouth, and dated it, looking back at you with a toothy grin.

“I wanted to make room for all the new memories we’re going to have.”

You narrowed your eyes at him, mouth agape in awe. He had thrown everything on the floor and you would have to be the one to clean it all up. Your temper boiled over.

“Do you even think? I mean really,” you scolded, your voice growing in volume. “You make a mess and now I have to pick it all up! We haven’t seen each other since god knows when and all of a sudden you call me up, break into my house, shatter glass, and dump all my important photos onto the floor! What “new” memories cou-“

You were cut off by his lips being pressing against yours. You attempted to pull away, but his hand behind your head pushed you even closer. Your eyelashes fluttered and you melted into the kiss, moving your shaky hands onto his chest.

Finally a second flash made you come to your senses and you shoved him off, breaking for air.

He shook the picture that came out of the old camera, waiting once again for the image to show. You sat there, eyes wide and mouth open, unable to speak. You weren’t even sure how to react. Your ears were hot and your heart raced with embarrassment.


He positioned the photograph in front of your face. In it Alfred’s eyes were shut tightly, he looked redder than a tomato, and his hand was hidden in the mess of your hair. Your face was more natural, leaning into the kiss with comfort. If the situation wasn’t so serious and awkward you probably would have laughed at it.

He quickly moved the photo away and pulled you into him.

“These are the new memories I needed to make space for. We’re going to have a lot. Is that ok?” His mumbled into you, making it obvious that he was nervous. It was odd to see him like this, the hero so confident and strong was now so shy and flustered.

You looked up at him, a wave of nostalgia hitting you. You missed all the times when you snuggled together under a blanket, when you drank lemonade on the porch, and when you would step on crunching leaves under the dying trees. You missed it all, and you realized that it wasn’t the scenery or the seasons, but the time being with him that made it special. Without him, it was all useless. Every photo would be of no value without him in them, and it was him that made them so important.

Instinctively, you wrapped your arms around his neck and forced your lips to meet his once again. When you finally broke away, he smiled softly at you, brushing hair away from your face. You gave his cheek a peck and moved towards his ear, whispering sweetly.

“Of course. . . but you still have to pick all these photos up.”

He groaned loudly and nuzzled his face into your neck gently. You giggled and reached for the camera. If you were going to fill this box you’d better start now.

My internet has been down for the past two days and I have literally been going crazy. I wrote this late into the night since I had really nothing else to do.
Now that it's finally back up and running I can submit it! Relief xux

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya
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